LAMHOLD Administrative management

Starting up a business and any subsequent modifications, be they to ownership or the area of activity, the buying and selling of vehicles or property, etc., involves different legal frameworks and is therefore a matter of great responsibility, especially when it comes to incorporating, registering and communicating with the relevant bodies.

In the Lamhold management department, not only are the managerial matters assigned to us dealt with, but a big picture view is also taken, in light of the professional staff team on hand, and advice on the administrative implications which could arise from the procedures in question could be offered, where necessary.

Simplify your administrative concerns.

We work with fully chartered professionals in order to offer solutions.

LAMHOLD Tax and accounts consultancy

From the comfort of your own home you can receive information on personnel costs, tax obligations, pending debts and credit, the necessary formalities in terms of paperwork and all specific and up to date information on the way your business, or office, functions so that you can make the best possible decisions.

At Lamhold we work with a professional team, who provide services performed by chartered individuals, qualified to work in the fields of taxation, accounting, audits and business organisation.

LAMHOLD Holding Company

Charf Mghougha 32, Route de Malabata
Résidence Miraflores Borj
1ºer étage, Bureau Nº2 – Tanger
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