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VISION: LAMHOLD Holding Company aspires to be the organization that shows the holing companies' strategic leadership through innovation, diversification, creating synergies efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably over time.

MISSION: Easing up life quality in the lives of those around us with management, administration financial and real-estate services, which stand out for their quality and accessibility, contributing to economic growth in the society where we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Principles and Values

  • Respect both to the current law order in the territory in which the group's activities are framed, and to the rules, requirements and commitments voluntarily acquired for the improvement of the environment where we operate and to the relationships with our stakeholder.
  • The endorsement of shared value between organizations and their stakeholders through their products, services and activities.
  • Excellence to aim, continuously and daily, through the execution of the best practices in the service industry, assuring our stakeholders perceive it as such.



We are aware of the responsibility we enclose with all our stakeholders, starting with the final recipient of our products and services. We will ensure, therefore, for their safety and well-being in the execution of our activity, doing our job with respect towards them and our environment, assuming responsibly our role to promote positive changes in society.


The services, activities and other relevant information for the stakeholders will be shown in a truthful, honest, complete and correctly contextualized way.


Professionals will rely on good responsible practices, collaborating with the work of others and executing their job with respect and listening to others; broadening the fulfillment of these practices to the value chain and not taking advantage of benefits derived from bad practices.

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